FIBERFIT: My "secret weapon" for low-carb success since 2002!
Adds sweetness and fiber without all the carbs! Concentrated and economical, at just 4 calories per teaspoon.

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Terms of Sale

Don’t worry, I don’t need or expect you to read or agree to pages on end of legal mumbo jumbo, because I work hard and sell only quality products. This is more like an ‘About Us’ page, just to make sure there are no misunderstandings… Here we go!

 I like “easy” so all the prices shown here INCLUDE delivery within the USA.

Fiberfit is available in the USA only and shipped free by 1st Class/Priority Mail. Fiberfit orders are shipped within three business days after receipt. I do sell some “expired” Fiberfit past its Best By Date at a substantial discount. You must Agree to assume any and all risks associated with consuming a product after its Best By Date and will acknowledge during checkout that expired products are sold with NO WARRANTY, expressed or implied.

Books are shipped free within the USA. Delivery of books to other countries does cost more (see product options). Book orders sometimes take up to a week to process, but only if I am between printings when you order.

If for any reason I need to deviate from this schedule, say for a vacation, a notice will be prominently placed at the top left of each shop page, above the View Cart link. In the event of an unplanned shipping delay caused by illness or emergency, I will inform you personally via email. (Orders are shipped once or twice a week, depending on how many I get – which translates in official-speak to “within three business days after receipt”.) You will receive an automated order receipt from Paypal after successfully placing any order. A follow-up email with your shipping/tracking information will be sent when your order is processed and shipped out.

I ship via the US Postal Service. If your mailing address is different than your delivery address, it’s the mailing address that I need. I accept the following forms of payment: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover via Paypal with or without a Paypal account. E-Checks are also accepted via Paypal using a Paypal account. Your payment  information is NEVER accessed, used, or stored anywhere in our system or files, since Paypal processes the actual transaction. I do not accept orders by telephone or fax. I do offer gift certificates.

Prefer to pay by good old fashioned personal check or money order? No problem! Just put the items you want into the shopping cart so you can be sure of the total, summarize your order details and mail that and your payment to me at the address shown below. Be sure to include an email address if you want me to confirm receipt of your order, and of course, include your mailing address. *If ordering sale items this way, you should contact me first to inquire, so that I can either set aside the products for you, or advise you not to send the order.

COOKBOOKS ARE NON-RETURNABLE. I give away so much of the book for free that I feel you should know by the time you order whether it is right for you, or not.

ONLINE SUBSCRIPTIONS will not be refunded for any reason. If you don’t want your subscription to renew automatically, make that adjustment right after ordering in your Paypal account. Basic forum functions are all free, and you are advised to test the free parts of the forum throughly to make sure your computer is compatible with the site as it is set up, and that you understand how to use the forum, BEFORE remitting payments. I cannot be responsible for technical difficulties that arise at the user end due to changes in hardware or software. That said, I am more than happy to try to help you with any subscription – just ask! 🙂

Because I am a food writer and dedicated low carber, not a doctor or any other type of medical professional, the material on my websites is made up almost exclusively of opinions, and none of the material should ever  be considered medical advice of any kind!! Individuals desirous of weight loss or medical treatment should  always consult qualified medical professionals. You agree to assume any and all potential risks  associated with your use of any information that may be found on this site or in my books.

ABOUT US  “Us” is really just “me, Karen Rysavy”.

I do everything for this site (all the websites) and my business personally – from the recipe creation right down to the bookkeeping, tax returns, web design and publishing, cookbook printing, laminating, binding, stamp-licking, and bottle-washing. Well okay, I actually don’t lick stamps anymore, but the rest is all true enough.

I try hard to do a good job and to please every single ONE of my customers. Customer “service” is alive and well here at TLC.

Please contact me in the event of any difficulty – thanks!