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Count ALL Your Carbs!

Download free trials of Living Cookbook Nutritional Tracking Software for PC users, or Dietsleuth for Mac users (these programs are accessible and useable even when offline). FitDay (free online tracking available) & Fitwatch (free 7-day trial only) let you track online. I have been using DietPro software since 2004, (Lifeform before that) and I still really like it.
Look up or print out carb counts – USDA Site to “search” for and download official nutrition facts searchable food database, including fast foods and additives…. Try the Nutrient Search tool to find foods lowest in carbohydrates. Find low carb foods by searching our extensive carbohydrate content database.

Additional low-carb info & support:

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TLC-Approved Shopping Links:

I have spent some serious money over the years with each of the following vendors and I have never been disappointed with their order handling, packing, or service. If you have a bad experience with any of them, I’d like to hear about it. My approved linking partners all have great customer service and a large selection of products, and I really do shop there myself – or they don’t appear on this page. Period.

Some (but not most) of these vendors do pay me click through sales commissions.

Low Carb Connoisseur carries many specialty products that you can’t find anywhere else – and they have terrific customer service too.

Nature’s Flavors makes pure flavorings and syrups you have to taste to believe!

Netrition features a flat $4.95 shipping fee, excellent service, and large selection.

Just Tomatoes, etc. for dried fruits and veggies with nothing added, including unsweetened, unsulphured cranberries (can’t live without them!)

Not only are the products from US Wellness (Grassland Beef) better FOR you, they are just plain BETTER ~ especially their Butter, which is the best I have ever tasted!

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