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FYI: regarding the member forum at

If you have posts there that you care to preserve…

The database for the forum is scaring me. The number of errors and resultant page fails is getting pretty high. Most of those “users” are only search bots at this point as far as I can tell, but you need to be aware that the forum could literally disappear at any moment, at this rate!
I will do what I can to try to import the posts somewhere else, to safeguard our wealth of recipes and knowledge for the future, but I probably won’t do anything at all with it, as long as it manages to stay running. 😛
Members who have been active recently were all pretty much supporters and all should still have access to the recipe archive. Do a search and your results will include that area. Same goes for the old personal journals, they are off the official forum listings but still accessible by their owners. Anyone who “contributed to” the recipe archive over the years and shows up trying to get in is currently being advised to contact me to request access. That seems fair to me. No one is being charged at renewal anymore but  I just honestly “don’t have time to deal with it” until it actually breaks, lol.

Consider yourself warned, I guess.

5 thoughts on “FYI: regarding the member forum at

  1. I think the forum has given its last gasp. It runs on such an old version of php that it sadly can’t be fixed at this point. I am just forwarding the traffic from here for now. When it comes up for renewal next time, I will let it go.

  2. Hi Karen,
    The FiberFit website claims that they now make a powder. You have one picture on your FiberFit order page that appears to include the powder and the liquid, but I can’t find anywhere to specify that I’d like to order the powder. Actually, I’d like to order both, but again, I don’t see a way to do so.
    Is the powder obsolete, or can I purchase it from you?
    Thanks so much,

  3. VERY limited quantities are available – as it is marked Best By 2005, I definitely do consider it obselete, but I also still use it myself, so I consider it safe for consumption. I have 4 8-oz tubs only, available at a cost of $12 each plus shipping. If you decide you want some, along with liquid, please use the Contact Me link to send me the list, and I will in turn send you an online invoice for payment. (I will need the order quantities first, to provide any shipping quote.)

  4. Thanks, Karen. That sounds great. Unfortunately, I’m not getting any interactive form or text box on the Contact Me page. I’ve turned off pop-up blocking in three different browsers, but nothing is working. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

  5. Whoops, it must be FUBAR from an upgrade or something, thanks for telling me, I will go fix it now.
    Meanwhile, I emailed you directly, maybe check your spam folder for my message if you don’t see it.

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