FIBERFIT: My "secret weapon" for low-carb success since 2002!
Adds sweetness and fiber without all the carbs! Concentrated and economical, at just 4 calories per teaspoon.

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Now, enjoy! Now that you have stocked your low-carb kitchen, just think of all the great meals you can whip up.


  • For breakfast, you can choose from any sort of egg dish – hard-boiled eggs, omelets, crustless quiche , or my favorite — scrambled or fried eggs served with steak, ham, sausage or bacon, along with a thin wedge of cantaloupe melon. You can choose to eat cheese, or any other meat, fish, or even vegetables. Leftovers of all kinds make great breakfasts. What about a protein shake along with a handful of fresh berries and some nuts on the side? (DaVinci sugar free syrups can make ANY shake mix taste good!!!) Even a low-carb protein bar is better than no breakfast at all, although this should not become an everyday thing by any means. Fiber crackers spread with cream cheese and low carb fruit spread or smoked salmon on top make for a nice change occasionally. Breakfast burritos are easy to fashion ahead of time out of taco meat or spicy sausage paired with things like onions, peppers, black soy beans, scrambled eggs and cheese inside of a low carb tortilla or homemade egg crepes. Wrap these individually and freeze, then wrap in a damp towel to reheat in the microwave.
  • For lunch, choose from any protein source paired with a healthy vegetable. I usually try to have an ‘entree salad’ such as steak sautéed with onions and peppers and cheese, served over a bed of greens in place of bread. Enjoy previously forbidden salad ingredients like real bacon and hard boiled eggs and chunks of blue cheese! Enjoy fancy salads with ingredients such as warm goat cheese and pecans. My all-time favorite lunch is my Fajita Salad. You could also roll up sliced deli meat and cheese around celery sticks, pickles, or green onions. Pile fiber crackers high with egg, chicken or tuna salad, any of which could be stuffed into celery sticks or hollowed-out tomatoes or peppers, as well. Wrap up sandwich fillings in a low-carb la tortilla or a large lettuce or Napa cabbage  leaf.
  • For snacks, you can eat cream cheese in celery sticks, hard-boiled eggs, doctored-up unsweetened yogurt (homemade is best!), berries, Heavenly Mousse (yummmmm!), melon, nuts, olives, cheese crisps, raw veggies with ranch dip, and pork rind or vegetable nachos with taco meat, black beans, TLC picante, guacamole or sour cream.
  • For dinner, the possibilities are truly endless. You can make a low carb version of almost any meal you already like. Craving fried chicken? No problem: bread it with egg & pork rinds, wheat bran, parmesan cheese, or almond flour and then fry it as normal. Cream of mushroom or broccoli soup made with real butter and heavy cream is both heavenly and fast. Sauté chicken in butter and olive oil, pour in a little whipping cream and some Parmesan cheese, and you’ll have delicious Chicken Alfredo with no effort. Eat it over steamed or stir-fried shredded cabbage or zucchini “noodles”, broccoli and cauliflower, or my favorite: fresh steamed green beans. Craving pizza? No problem: get some pepperoni, sauté some mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers and combine them with some no-sugar-added tomato sauce (like Hunts™) and mozzarella cheese over the top of a cheese crisp or low-carb tortilla. Craving Mexican food? No problem: make fajitas with low-carb tortillas or tacos on cheese crisp shells, and you can enjoy real sour cream, guacamole, and cheese on top! Make red chili with black soy beans or green chili with pork or poultry. Enjoy filet mignon or grilled salmon and steamed asparagus, broccoli or cauliflower with cheese or Hollandaise sauce over the top. Enjoy stir fry (without the starch) of beef and broccoli. Enjoy grilled chicken topped with bacon, melted cheese and mushrooms.

The key word here is ‘enjoy’. If you’ll just concentrate on all the wonderful food combinations you can eat, you will find yourself thinking less and less about those few things you are no longer choosing to eat. Low-carb eating is far more versatile than low-fat eating, but it does require a change in mind-set. Become a label reader! When I started this Way of Eating, I literally spent hours in the grocery store going down the aisles and reading labels. I found some surprises, and learned a lot. Eating low-carb is easy, and it should never be repetitive or boring, not when your menu choices are so varied and abundant.


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