FIBERFIT: My "secret weapon" for low-carb success since 2002!
Adds sweetness and fiber without all the carbs! Concentrated and economical, at just 4 calories per teaspoon.

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Please note: I am not looking for a website designer and I ONLY link to other PRO-low-carb websites and websites whose services would be particularly useful to my readers. Replying to vague or inappropriate link requests to politely refuse has resulted too often in my “real” email address being sold to spammers, so you will ONLY hear back from me if I DO decide to link back to you.

I DO NOT LINK to generalized weight loss sites, or sites that are nothing more than a bunch of links to other sites, and I do not link to stores I haven’t personally tested and do not patronize. I especially do not link to sites that push diet pills, or any diet approach besides low-carb. This site (my philosophy) is TRULY low carb, and I mean it! So, if your site is genuinely useful to a real-life low-carber, you’ll probably hear back from me.

If you don’t hear back from me … that is your answer.  Thanks for understanding.