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FYI: regarding the member forum at

If you have posts there that you care to preserve…

The database for the forum is scaring me. The number of errors and resultant page fails is getting pretty high. Most of those “users” are only search bots at this point as far as I can tell, but you need to be aware that the forum could literally disappear at any moment, at this rate!
I will do what I can to try to import the posts somewhere else, to safeguard our wealth of recipes and knowledge for the future, but I probably won’t do anything at all with it, as long as it manages to stay running. 😛
Members who have been active recently were all pretty much supporters and all should still have access to the recipe archive. Do a search and your results will include that area. Same goes for the old personal journals, they are off the official forum listings but still accessible by their owners. Anyone who “contributed to” the recipe archive over the years and shows up trying to get in is currently being advised to contact me to request access. That seems fair to me. No one is being charged at renewal anymore but  I just honestly “don’t have time to deal with it” until it actually breaks, lol.

Consider yourself warned, I guess.

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Oh YUM! Coco-Roons

Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyy!


Found these yesterday while making a run for organic dairy and produce, and was intrigued by the clean ingredient list. I am pleased to report that they taste at least as good as I had hoped! The lemon flavor is bright and clean, better than any processed lemon product I have ever purchased. At just over 50 cents each, they aren’t cheap, but then …. neither are health issues! At 5 carbs each, I can’t eat them often anyway, but one with a cup of coffee, or more if on maintenance, would make a nice breakfast for anyone who has trouble choking down food first thing in the morning (like ME, I have a hard time with that STILL.)20150825_110118

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The D.A.R.K. Act passes the House

11101628_10153032825483867_3901754468905354835_oIN MOURNING – This Site Is Going Dark in recognition of OUR terrible loss in the war for Real Rood and the Right to Know.

For more information:

Comments disabled, in the name of the DARK. 🙁

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Did You Know #3: Blueberries

Did You Know

Did You Know

Did You Know? 

Blueberries contain significant quantities of both antibacterial and antiviral compounds.

They may also help protect against heart disease and mechanisms of cancer cell development and inflammation.

North America is the world’s leading blueberry producer, accounting for nearly 90% of world production.

1/2 cup of fresh blueberries has just 10.2 carbs including 1.8g dietary fiber (8.4 net carbs).

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Did You Know? #02: Ground Cherry 101

Ground Cherry 101

groundcherry2Ground Cherry 101

Ground cherries are naturally sweet and fairly low in carbs. 1 cup, fresh, (about 60!) contains a full 20% of the RDA for adults for Vitamin A, and 25% of the RDA for Vitamin C, with just 12 g carbs (-2 g fiber).

Ground Cherry 101A ground cherry berry is always enclosed in a papery calyx that looks a little like a Chinese lantern. Fruits are generally harvested in mid to late summer and ripened in their husks for a few weeks. Because they store well refrigerated, they can be found fresh in the midwest from late July through autumn. Ground-cherries grow from low, spreading perennials. The berry can be green or purple but is most commonly yellow. It gives off a sweet, slightly musky smell that sometimes tastes “plummy” or even slightly “apple-ish”. When not yet ripe, ground-cherries taste bland and look much like tomatillos, to which they are related. The plant grows easily along roads and cultivated land in many parts of North America.
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Did You Know?? #1: Clabber

Did you know …?  (I created a bunch of fun rotating DYKs for my forum and decided I’d start sharing them here, too.)

“Clabber” is unpasteurized milk which is allowed to sour and thicken (curdle) naturally. It was popular in the southern U.S., and usually served with sugar or black pepper and cream, and sometimes with fruit.

Hmmmmmm…… Sounds a lot like cottage cheese to me!