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Oh YUM! Coco-Roons

Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyy!


Found these yesterday while making a run for organic dairy and produce, and was intrigued by the clean ingredient list. I am pleased to report that they taste at least as good as I had hoped! The lemon flavor is bright and clean, better than any processed lemon product I have ever purchased. At just over 50 cents each, they aren’t cheap, but then …. neither are health issues! At 5 carbs each, I can’t eat them often anyway, but one with a cup of coffee, or more if on maintenance, would make a […]

The D.A.R.K. Act passes the House


Did You Know #3: Blueberries

Did You Know


Did You Know? #02: Ground Cherry 101

Ground Cherry 101

When not yet ripe, ground-cherries taste bland and look much like tomatillos, to which they are related. The plant grows easily along roads and cultivated land in many parts of North America.


Did You Know #1??

Did you know …? (I created a bunch of fun rotating DYKs for my forum and decided I’d start sharing them here, too.) “Clabber” is unpasteurized milk which is allowed to sour and thicken (curdle) naturally. It was popular in the southern U.S., and usually served with sugar or black pepper and cream, and sometimes with fruit. Hmmmmmm…… Sounds a lot like cottage cheese to me!