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Hawaiian Salad Makeover

So, I am thinking ahead to Superbowl Sunday and my Ground Hog’s Day birthday that follows it the next day. I have a hankering for the fruit salad my Mom used to serve at Thanksgiving, which only I seem to recall and which I can’t find a recipe for. I ran across the following recipe today, and made some notes to convert it. Do you have a better idea for the marshmallows?

(My planned changes shown in italics) 3 cans mandarin oranges – OK, SF variety 2 bags mini marshmallows – NO WAY. Change to 4 containers SF Kozy […]

I am so making this today!


Picante Sauce a.k.a. Salsa - loved by everyone

Vol 1 Picante Sauce



Size 24 to 14 in eleven months

This is me at age 15… saying “No, I will NOT pose outdoors in this ridiculous outfit, I am WAY TOO FAT!” I didn’t speak to my future sister-in-law for weeks after she snapped that picture. (Thanks, Laura. I am glad to have it – now!) But in this next picture…


The West is Burning

I had a bad feeling about this fire season when we had our first wildfire back in March, but this is just literally terrifying. Not just the one in Colorado getting all the press at the moment, but ALL OVER the West. Please, if you are a praying person, take a moment and pray for rain, for less wind and heat, for the protection of those brave souls out on there on the front lines, for all the displaced people, everywhere, and for the MANY Good Samaritans who have shown up at these sites, restoring my faith in the overall goodness of our species. Amen. (Sorry to digress from the site theme, but this IS now a blog, and this is overwheleming me right now.)


My Journey - '06 Update


My Journey - '03 Update

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