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My Journey – ’03 Update

August 2002

UPDATE POSTED IN 2003, upon Publication of Volume 2

This is a picture of us on vacation in 2002, and it’s a fair representation of our weights to this day. I am proud to be able to say that we have each maintained a 65 pound loss with ease. I never did lose as many total pounds as I expected to (my thighs are the body part I am least happy with, and in truth, I rarely wear shorts like these since I feel much thinner in pants or skirts). These days I can also be found wearing my more comfortable 16s more often than the snug 14s I can still wear with pride, but I figure – hey, this is the weight and size I can maintain with ease, and this is obviously where my body is comfortable – so get used to it, and just let go of any unrealistic ‘swimsuit model’ goal image!

One thing I have finally learned, and accepted, after more than three years of effort, is that numbers are just that – numbers, and nothing more.
August 2002Healthy and happy is the ultimate goal, and YES! I am there
What helped me get there?
Well, in January 2002 I went sledding with my then 10 year old son and my husband, and my life changed… instantly and forever…

On my fifth ride down the hill, I bounced off the inner-tube and landed on the hard ground instead, causing a compression fracture of my L3 vertebrae that would confine me to my bed or a horrible brace for months afterwards. My spine actually continued to collapse for the first few months, but thanks to lots of care, rest, and good nutrition, and the fact that I was in pretty good shape when the accident occurred, I’ve made a good recovery. I still have an 11% curvature of the spine, and I don’t enjoy sitting much, but by May 2002 I was riding my motorcycle again (gingerly of course) and by December of 2002, I was downhill skiing again. I did sell my dirt bike, I won’t ever snowmobile again, and I can’t ski the bumps, but these are things I can happily live with, considering the alternative. Because I was already working at home when this happened, I was more fortunate than most people in the same situation – I ended up with a very sophisticated wireless network that I thoroughly appreciate to this day, and I was able to carry on in my chosen career.

Once I got my spine stabliized, I had to deal with the very large kidney stones that had announced their presence on numerous xrays taken after my accident. The very size of these stones was proof enough to my urologist and myself that these were old stones that had started to form long, long before I started low carb. (I feel the need to point this out because of that old tired myth about low carb eating causing kidney damage. In my case, it was years of low fat and yoyo dieting that preceded the kidney damage.) I had several debilitating lithotripsy procedures to pass those monsters, and then once I got over that, I promptly had a partial hysterectomy. Through all of this, low carb has been the constant, the rock, upon which I have drawn strength. No matter how out of control the rest of my life can be, I am ALWAYS in complete and total control of one thing – what does and does not go into my mouth. Maintenance has been a joy for me, and I will control my carbs, and thus my weight, for life. I still have not eaten any real sugar or fresh corn or white potatoes, and perhaps I never will – they seem like a very small price to pay in return for never again worrying about whether my butt will fit in the restaurant or airplane seat to which I am assigned. I do enjoy a wide range of fruit and vegetables as well as my own wholesome bread and bagels, and I can easily find acceptable ice cream, whole wheat pastas and crackers, etc. in stores across the nation.

I wrote my first cookbook in 2000 while actively losing weight, and all the recipes in that cookbook are indeed “truly low” in carbs. I published my second low carb cookbook in November 2003. Volume II features a wide range of recipes suitable from induction through lifetime maintenance, so that everyone can enjoy bread, bagels, pizza, margaritas, etc. – while still maintaining their health and weight.

October 2003

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